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"I was a Liberty University cheerleader for 4 years and through that, fell in love with strength training, health, and fitness. After college, I interned with Liberty’s olympic strength and conditioning program for 6 months and was able to learn the ins and outs of healthy training, proper fueling for the body, and how to work with a large group of athletes. I love the science behind fitness and being able to program unique workouts to fit each person individually. Challenging clients and pushing them to a point where they never thought they could reach is one of my main goals. If I am not pushing my clients to work harder or encouraging them to believe in themselves, then I would be letting down both them and myself as a trainer. I am determined to help people achieve their goals and dreams of not only being in the best shape of their life, but also becoming more confident and secure in who they are."

• Bachelors Degree in Health Fitness Specialist: Exercise Science

• Functional Movement Systems Certified


Avery howard

"I’ve always had a love for exercise and being active; whether it be on the sports field, hiking a mountain, or kayaking down a river. I highly believe that exercise should be fun, not considered a chore or task we check off on our to-do list. Growing up, my parents always encouraged me to stay active. I did gymnastics for 10 years, along with a number of other different sports. I had the opportunity to play soccer at the collegiate level for two years, where I was able to learn from different trainers and coaches in the weight room and on the field. I majored in Exercise Science at Liberty University. As I continued to learn about the human body and how exercise affects it in such positive ways, I gained a whole new appreciation for the study of exercise. I had always known that it was “good” for you, but I was amazed at how different types of exercise affected it in such different ways. I don’t consider my job “work,” as I love encouraging people to do their best during workouts and treat their bodies in the best possible way with the food they put into it. I love to design specific workouts geared towards someone’s specific goals they want to achieve. I also love helping people get to places and do things they never thought were possible!"

Bachelors degree in Exercise Science

ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist


Sean Archulet

When Sean originally started training, he wanted to help people meet their goals. He now realizes that the best part of training and coaching is showing people what they are capable of. "Achieving a goal is an amazing experience but helping other see that they can achieve more than they ever though possible, that's the real pay off."
Sean takes a functional approach to training and believes everything in the gym should carry over into the real world.
"Through training and coaching, I hope that others are able to see what I see in them. As a professional, it is my job to unlock that potential. I provide the tools but it's you that builds the house. At the end of the day, training should be an enjoyable stress reliever and not a dreaded chore."
Sean has over 9 years of experience.


devon rodriguez

"I grew up in California playing sports and went on to play Division 1 softball for the University of New York. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology but also studied Human Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition in anticipation of obtaining a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy. However, since working as a personal trainer, I have refocused and am now pursuing my Master's Degree in Exercise Science at Liberty University. My passion for fitness is not only rooted in my past athletic background but as a result of a career ending injury. In my third year of college, I suffered a back injury that required two years of intense rehab. I recovered fully and am now stronger than ever. As a result of this experience, I fully understand the importance of form and safety while working out and the benefits of diet and mental attitude. I love to help others with what I have learned. My desire is to promote healthy living so clients can reach fitness goals as well as living life to their fullest potential. I help my clients push past their comfort zone to achieve positive changes in their lives."

• Currently pursuing Masters degree in Exercise Science

• ACE certified Personal Trainer with an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification

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